Calvary Chapel of Escondido

For more than 25 years it has been the mission of Calvary Chapel of Escondido to Win, Disciple and Send, but as is the case with many churches, our discipleship was somewhat directionless and haphazard. In 2005 we began to pray that the Lord would help us to become more decisive with the discipleship of our body.

Nearly a year after we began to pray I met Dr. T.V. and he introduced me to his Master Design for Life course. I knew immediately that this was just what we were looking for, so we partnered with IDM and have made the Master Design for Life the core of our School of Discipleship.

The course material has proven very effective over the last year. We have seen more than 120 members of our church begin to get grounded in the word as a result of this great course and are looking forward even greater fruit as we continue to train and equip our body.

All five courses in the Master Design for Life are clear, strait forward and I believe integrate well in any ministry, however a good strategy for implementation is important.

Implementation Strategy

Our entire staff of pastors and office personnel began 2007 with a three week intensive study of courses 1, 2 and 3. This total staff participation helped each of our ministry heads to be on the same page in our discipleship training; it also caused our body to see that the leadership value discipleship in general and this course in particular.

After familiarizing our staff with the material we set out to present IDM to the congregation. Our staff had seen its importance and were excited about the program, so promotion was relatively easy.

We decided that we would offer courses 1 & 2 multiple times in 2007 on a rotating schedule, to get as much exposure as possible. Course 3 was added as the year went on and in 2008 we are making courses 4 & 5 available to those that have completed the foundational material.

All the courses have been very well received and we are excited to see how the Lord is going to use our discipleship ministry locally, but also abroad, as doors are now beginning to open.

Contact Me

If you would more information about our School of Discipleship and how we implemented it, please feel free to contact me.

Pastor Miles DeBenedictis
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